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The man or woman who is chosen for top lawyer of the year has the distinction of having made a significant contribution to law throughout the current year, and has risen above his or her peers with hard work and dedication. The award for top lawyer of the year after a careful review of credentials and reputation we have picked is Jaun L. Guerra JR. Trademark Who’s Who is extremely proud to give this prestigious award to Jaun L. Guerra JR. we wish him continued success.

guerraJUAN L. GUERRA JR. was born in the small South Texas town of Roma in 1972. His family relocated to Houston in 1983 and he graduated from Jersey Village High School in 1990. Juan attended St. Thomas University and graduated with a joint major in Business Administration and International Studies in 1999. While attending St. Thomas University, Juan worked in the family business of Real Estate but always knew he wanted to become an attorney. In 2003, Juan earned his law degree from Thurgood Marshall School of Law. Juan was hired immediately after law school by a criminal defense firm in which he gained both practical and trial experience. In 2007, Juan entered private practice as one of the partners of Guerra & Farah, PLLC. He has successfully defended virtually every type of criminal case in both state and federal courts. Juan has always had a passion for helping people and feels strongly in the defense of every person’s constitutional rights. It is that same passion that Juan carries every time he steps into the courtroom to assure all clients receive a fair trial.

BAR ADMISSIONS: Duly admitted and licensed as an Attorney and Counselor at Law to practice in all courts in the state of Texas Supreme Court of Texas, United States District Court – Southern District of Texas, United States District Court – Eastern District of Texas, United States District Court – Western District of Texas, United States Court of Appeals – 5th Circuit.

PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS & MEMBERSHIPS: Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, American Bar Association, Harris County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, Hispanic Bar Association, Houston Bar Association, Mexican/American Bar Association, Texas Young Lawyers Association

ABOUT PRACTICE: Guerra & Farah, PLLC, we provide compassionate legal counsel and hard-hitting legal representation to individuals and families in El Paso and the surrounding communities of Texas. Our attorneys have nearly 30 years of experience in the fields of criminal defense, personal injury, insurance claims, and employment law, and we have a proven track record of success both inside and outside of the courtroom. With every case we represent, we prepare for a full jury trial from the moment the client retains our services, and this approach has earned us a solid reputation for getting outstanding results for our clients. We don’t simply look for easy out-of-court settlements – we try cases, and we win. Our trial attorneys are bilingual, and we can come to meet with you if you are unable to travel to our office.

BOTH JUAN L. GUARRA & GEORGE K FARAH are first-generation Americans who grew up in working-class families. They feel that they have a connection with many of their clients who are themselves working class and need help fighting back against unfair employment practices, pursuing compensation for injuries suffered in an accident, or defending against criminal charges. We understand how much is at stake for your future and are ready to fight aggressively to obtain the outcome you deserve. We encourage you to contact us now for a free consultation to discuss your case and to allow us to take immediate action on your behalf! Our philosophy when taking on a claim for a car accident, 18-wheeler accident, workers’ compensation or wrongful death case is to make sure that our clients are fully informed about their rights and know what to expect throughout the litigation process. We explain to them the potential compensation they can recover and the strengths and weaknesses of their cases, and then prepare the case for trial immediately rather than strategizing to negotiate an easy settlement. We are proud of the fact that we routinely take on difficult cases that other attorneys neglect or are too scared to take, and we have won millions of dollars for our clients in the process. We not only represent people who have been injured or lost a loved one in an accident but also those who have suffered wrongs at the hands of their employers, such as in cases of sexual harassment, Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) violations and wage and hour issues. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us now! If you have been arrested for a federal crime, we can fight for you. At our El Paso and McAllen offices we represent clients charged with federal drug crimes, conspiracy, kidnapping, money laundering, and alien smuggling. If you are charged with a state crime in the Houston area- whether a misdemeanor, such as driving while intoxicated, assault or a theft crime, or a felony such as manslaughter or robbery- your future is at stake. The consequences of a criminal conviction can be devastating, from steep fines and a lengthy sentence in jail or prison to years on probation, in addition to the fact that having a criminal record can make it difficult or impossible to find suitable housing or employment. We stand by our clients throughout the process and can help you navigate your way out of the criminal justice system. We have the resources of a large law firm but still maintain the one-on-one service that you can only find at a boutique law office. Our legal team handles between 200 and 500 cases at any given time, but we limit our case load in order to make sure that we can continue to provide individual attention to each of our clients. We understand that whether you have been arrested for a crime or injured in a serious accident, this may be an overwhelmingly stressful experience for you, and we want to give you the dedicated support and guidance that you deserve. Ours is one of the few firms in Texas that handle federal and state forfeiture cases in connection with drug crimes, and our readiness to take criminal cases to trial results in a large number of dismissals for our clients. If you are in need of experienced and dedicated representation for a criminal, personal injury, or employment case in Texas, we encourage you to contact our El Paso lawyers at Guerra & Farah, PLLC as soon as possible!

PHONE NUMBER: 713-529-6606

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